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If you enjoy streaming music from your phone and playing it through your car sound system, the Sony RSX GS9 will bring you a high quality digital experience. If you have a USB full of tunes you want to jam out to, you simply plug it into the receiver and play the music files. This is a car media receiver from our list of the best car stereo.

Why We Like It – Sony RSX-GS9

In today’s world, all the music we play in our cars is most likely being streamed from a music provider. Unfortunately, many of the stereos today don’t capitalize on making the digital experience as exhilarating as possible. The Sony RSX-GS9 car stereo media receiver has succeeded in bringing a great hi res audio experience in the streaming era.

  • You can play music from any USB device
  • High quality for digital music
  • Way overpriced


The Sony device provides high res audio quality with an ess digital chip that enhances your sounds. You can pair it to your phone through a Bluetooth connection and receive notifications without having to lose sight on the road. It has a direct USB DAC connection which allows you to plug in any USB and doubles up as a charger as well. It does have a digital display, so if you would like to look at LCD displays, you may be interested in the ATOTO A6 review.


In the front panel, you have a classic knob that controls the levels. There is a USB port, and an auxiliary port to connect to. There is a one touch NFC option which lets you pair with your head unit without needing any cables. This is primarily a car audio receiver, so if you were hoping for something that can do more than audio playback, another option you may be interested in is the BOSS Audio BV9358B since it can play DVDs. For a stylish car stereo that comes with an LCD display and bluetooth capabilities then you ought to go through our Sony XAV AX5000 review.


This may be one of the most expensive units on our list by far, so if you would rather look for something less expensive, then a better option may be the Pioneer AVH-1300NEX. This is the best option for you if you want the best sound in your car. This is the equivalent of purchasing a home audio system for your car in terms of high end quality. The DSD playback and DSEE HX Upscaling technologies will bring out the best in your digital audio. Combine this with the subwoofer in our Skar Audio EVL 65 D2 Subwoofer review and you have a car system that will impress everyone.

Sony RSX-GS9 Wrap Up

If you have the money to blow for the best sound quality, the Sony RSX-GS9 will be a great choice for you. You can experience digital audio through a more powerful means, which in return will give you plenty of delight while you’re out on the road. This Sony device will play anything for you long as you can connect to one of its many avenues including Bluetooth, USB, NFC, and more.