Sony Officially Unveils P Series 8-inch Netbook

We first saw the Sony P series Netbook when it hit the FCC’s website.  Today, the company has come clean with all the details we’ve been aching for.  So what are we looking at?  First off, the computer netbook is officially called the VGN-P598E/Q.  It boasts a pretty robust feature set considering its weight of just 1.4lbs, which includes GPS, quick-boot (gives you super fast access to web, email, etc), a 128GB SSD, 8-inch LED backlit LCD (1600×768), 32-bit Vista Home, Bluetooth (A2DP as well), WiFi b/g/n, built-in 3G connectivity, webcam, 2GB of RAM, 1.33Ghz Intel processor, and get this, a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Hit this link (PDF) for complete specs

Sorry, I don’t see a release date or price, but I’m still searching.

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  1. Prices are available at

    $899.99 for the 60GB HDD
    $1199.99 for the 64GB SSD
    $1499.99 for the 128GB SSD

    I would consider getting one in a few months after seeing how well they do in the real world, when prices come down and if they will offer it with XP or Linux, or if it is not too much a hassle to install the OS I want myself. Vista is a pile of poop.

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