Sony October 12 Launch Might Get Google Appearance


After various leaks having pinned the arrival of Google TV sometime around the middle of October, now Sony is spreading invites to an October 12 launch event in New York. It might be a good time to read about the Most Important Satellite TV Features.

Everyone already knew Sony would deliver Bravia Internet TV’s as well as Blu-ray players, both with Google TV integration, so there may be nothing special about Sony’s announcement come October 12th. Then again, there may be.

They have to move fast if they want to get an early start in the race with Apple, who is set to begin shipping its Hobby streaming tv.

There’s actually a whole slew of Google Tv related products, with a QWERT Harmony remote from Logitech, Intel making the CE4100 Atom processor especially for the devices, and DISH Network enabling special integration cia HDMI on their HD DVR receivers, as well as Best Buy getting ready to flex its retail muscles for selling this array of streaming TV gadgets.

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