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sony mh755 review

Sony MH755 Review

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Sony MH755 offers a budget-friendly option for those seeking a neutral sound with a touch of bass. While lacking in controls and passive soundstage, their consistent audio delivery and good build quality make them a viable choice for improved earbud quality.

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The Sony MH755 appears to be a gem in the budget IEM market, impressing with its consistent audio delivery and slightly bass-rich sound profile that adds a pleasant touch of thump and warmth.

Though lacking controls and an EQ for sound customization, the earbuds boast good build quality, reducing distortion at high volumes and providing a comfortable and breathable fit.

However, some drawbacks come into play during commutes and travel, as they struggle to block out bass-range background noise and have a short cable that proves inconvenient for smartphone users.

Additionally, the headphones lack a noise-canceling feature, and the passive soundstage falls short of providing an immersive experience. Despite these downsides, the Sony MH755 offers an enticing option for those looking to improve their earbud experience on a budget.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Very consistent audio delivery
  • Slightly bass-rich sound profile without overpowering vocals
  • Good build quality, less prone to distortion at high volumes
  • Comfortable and breathable fit
  • Well-built design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Bad passive soundstage, lacking immersive experience
  • No active noise cancellation feature
  • No controls for adjusting volume or skipping tracks
  • Struggles to block out bass-range background noise during commute/travel
  • Short cable, inconvenient for use with smartphones in pocket


  • Battery Life
  • Ear Tip Sizes Included
  • Water Resistant
  • Works With


A 2016 model from Sony, the Sony MH755 is an entry-level pair of in-ear monitors (IEM) with dynamic drivers. This headset is designed for audiophiles and ships with three pairs of tips.

It has a lightweight design that many will find comfortable. However, this device has no controls whatsoever, so users who need the volume controls should check out our best headphones.

This device also doesn’t have a carrying case, but they offer decent build quality. The headset lacks a mobile app or graphic equalizer for changing the sound quality. There’s no microphone, so you won’t use this headset for phone calls.

However, it’s 3.5 mm audio cable provides compatibility with everything from phones and computers to PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Explore our Sony MH755 review below for details, and be sure to check out our best wireless earbuds to explore your options.

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    The Sony MH755 are good for neutral sound. They have a very slightly bass-heavy sound… read more

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