Sony Launches New Wireless Headphones, The MDR-RF4000 | Gadget Review
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Sony Launches New Wireless Headphones, The MDR-RF4000

Sony MDR-RF4000 Headphones

Check these massive wireless headphones from Sony Europe, the MDR-RF4000.  This workout headphones weigh in at .6 lbs, which might prove a bit neck wrenching after a few hours of use.  But at the very least you won’t have to worry about disturbing your bedside partner, or perhaps your parents while you crank out some frags in MW2 thanks to their over sized cups.  Other features include a 10 hour rechargeable batery with docking system, on phone volume control and a 30m range thanks to digital RF transmission.

There’s no word on if the MDR-RF4000 will hit the states.  Price and launch date are unknown for Europe.


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