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When it comes to home entertainment technology, a full HD picture with a good throw distance is hard to come by. Not only does the Sony HW45ES feature full HD images with a range of lumens brightness, this home theater projector, but includes other specs that are exclusive to Sony’s line of VPL HW45ES. With an impressive screen size and a light source that offers a bright cinema experience, the Sony HW45ES easily makes it into our lists for Best Projector for Sports and Best Long Throw Projector.

Why We Like It – Sony HW45ES

With an assortment of features not found in other home theatre projectors, the Sony HW45ES offers a cinema quality experience in the comfort of your home.

  • Easy to install updates via USB
  • Quiet fan for no distractions
  • Works to eliminate motion blur
  • Replacement bulbs are a bit pricey
  • Other projectors offer 4K resolution for the same price.

Performance/Resolution Etc

One performance aspect of the Sony VPL HW45ES that sets it apart from other home cinema projectors is the Advanced Reality Creation feature. With it on the HW45ES upscales any media you use, while also removing motion blur to provide a picture quality that rivals most bright TVs. One particularly interesting feature the Sony HW45ES has is the ability to project 3D media. Compatible with all standard RF 3D glasses, it’s a welcome feature, though it may be too niche to be described as a selling point for this projector. There are many who outright loathe 3D media, for those who want a projector without any 3D capabilities, the ViewSonic PX747 is a viable alternative. If you need a projector that is both battery powered and outlet powered, the AAXA P300 is a small compact portable projector that delivers a fair image quality.


For what the Sony HW45ES comes equipped with, it’s a bit of a disappointment to see the brightness of this projector flounder compared to others in the same price range. Coming in at only 1800 lumens, it’s still a fantastic statistic. When viewed in a dark room colors pop and blacks and whites are profound and distinct. And with SXRD technology in the projector, the Sony HW45ES provides an image with next to no input lag. However should you be in the market for a projector with higher lumens, the Acer H7850 is a fair recommendation.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

The Sony HW45ES comes equipped with both a wide zoom and shift lens. Offering more customization that many monitors, the HW45ES invites you to fine tune and adjust to your heart’s content. And with a quick and painless calibration process, you’ll go from out of the box to watching cinema quality playback in a matter of minutes.


A convenient aspect of the Sony HW45ES comes from its port selection. Should the occasion arise where it needs an update, all one needs to do is download it to a USB stick, then plug it into the projector. Short, simple and effective, solutions like this greatly lengthen the longevity of a device like this, making maintenance easy and fast.


When asking for over two grand for any product, the producer must ensure that what they’re selling is not only worth the price, but will continue to last well after the purchase date. For the Sony HW45ES, this is where things take a left turn. While the bulb powering the projector has an estimated lifespan of up to 6000 hours on low mode, once it’s burned out, finding a replacement won’t be easy, both in terms of searching and wallet sense. Costing up to $450, it would be somewhat justifiable if the HW45ES ran at a 4K resolution, which it unfortunately does not. Should you only want a device with a native 4K resolution, the Optoma EH415ST can easily do that and more.

Sony HW45ES Wrap Up

For those who don’t mind the exuberant price tag, the Sony HW45ES offers an unparalleled viewing experience that is enhanced with features not seen in other monitors. If price isn’t an issue, then the built in 3D support, easy updates, and systems that optimize the viewing experience will for sure make the next game you see seem as if you’re at the stadium itself.

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