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Sony A6300 Review

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As a struggling director, finding a camera for filmmaking on a budget is going to keep you from falling behind. Performance and quality are key; blend your great ideas with excellent production and you have a match made in heaven. For that, you’ll want the Sony Alpha A6300. Featuring 4K video and a superb autofocus system, your shot will always be on point. Is it the best video camera on the market? Is it a great Sony digital camera? Let’s find out at the end of this post.

Why We Like It – Sony Alpha a6300

For any filmmaker, the ability to take high-quality images and superb video resolution is a must, and the Sony Alpha A6300 makes it easy to switch between the two at will, with built-in features to improve both.

  • 4K video quality
  • High-speed autofocus system
  • Can connect an external mic
  • Takes some time getting used to
  • LCD display isn’t touchscreen

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During our Sony A6300 review, we quickly took notice of its very snappy AF system. It uses 425 phase-detection AF points—which is incredible among interchangeable lens cameras, or Sony cameras for that matter, such as the Sony A6000. The A6300 Sony’s real-time continuous autofocus system, paired with a 24.2 megapixel APS C Sensor, shot very high-quality images—especially with continuous shooting (11fps). Two other cameras that shoot in 24-megapixels include the Sony A7 III and the Canon EOS 2000D.

The noise was kept at a minimum, even at high ISO; an e mount noise reduction gave even better image quality. The Fujifilm X-T30 only outpaces it by a small amount with its 26.1 megapixels, but the A6300 still beats the DJI Osmo Pocket. Video resolution and detail are impeccable, performing great even in low-light environments. The new A6300 Alpha can shoot in Full HD, but more importantly—it shoots in 4K. Both its video and image sensor make full use of its very high dynamic range.


If you’re going to jump into filmmaking, you can’t be doing so with a camera’s built-in mic. That kind of sound quality is unbecoming of a fledgling filmmaker. Make full use of the Sony A6300 Mirrorless Camera’s external mic jack. This will open up options for much better sound quality.

The Sony Mirrorless A6300 features an electronic viewfinder, an SD memory card slot (to access full resolution images and video), and a 3-inch LCD screen that can tilt up and down. One thing we liked, in particular, was the ease of accessing the menu system, as well as the mode dial, shutter speeds, and various shooting modes. It was not, however, easy on newcomers. For a beginner vlogging camera, you might like our review of the Nikon Coolpix L340.


After researching Sony’s new camera—its performance, snappy autofocus system, and external mic jack—we can easily mark the Alpha A6300 as having excellent value when compared to other mirrorless cameras. And, it beats out the Blackmagic Pocket 4K Cinema camera. Its high-performing capabilities are only heightened when you introduce kit lens mounts (like A-mount lenses 10), which you’ll certainly need since the Sony Alpha A6300 does not have a full frame.

On the off-chance you’re taking a dive for video, the GoPro Hero 7 Black is going to be far more valuable because of its waterproof properties; the Alpha 6300 is not waterproof.

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Sony Alpha a6300 Wrap Up

We can look past a non-touch LCD display, and getting familiar with new equipment is part of the job as a filmmaker. Once you toss those fears aside, you’re left with the Sony Alpha A6300: a high-performing camera that captures your ideas in 4K resolution, keeps your shots in focus, and even records better audio with its external mic jack.

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