Sony Announces New Line of 4K HDR Projectors

While it’s only in the past few months that major projector manufacturers like Optoma and Acer have begun throwing their hat into the ring of the top rated 4K projectors, companies like Sony have been doing it since the very beginning.

Sony still holds the title of the first manufacturer to release a true 4K projector at a consumer-level price point (if the cost of a small car is something you’d consider “consumer”).

But while 4K may already be old news to Sony, more recent innovations like the HDR color spec have not crept by unnoticed. At the IFA show in Berlin this month, the company was ready to show off three new models that are all lighter, smaller, and more feature-rich than their corresponding predecessors.

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The first is the VPL-VW760ES, which uses a 2,000 lumen laser light source to project its images, yet another first in the consumer space checked off for Sony. With such bleeding-edge tech installed underneath the hood you can expect an equally bleeding-edge price, but Sony also took their time at IFA to reveal two other models which will supposedly be more focused on the budget home theater enthusiast.

These include the VPL-VW360ES and the VW260ES, the latter of which has a 1,500 lumen output and a much more petite profile than its older brother in the line. Other features stashed in all three projectors include Sony’s proprietary TRILUMINOSTM system which is said to up the color accuracy on lower-light pictures, as well as MotionFlow technology which interpolates frames between each other to create a smoother, overall less-jittery viewing experience for anyone who’s sat down to watch.

The Sony VW260ES and VW360ES are expected on shelves this month (no word on exact pricing just yet), while the VW760ES will go on sale for £13,850 this November just in time for the holidays.

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