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Even at first glance, it’s easy to see why the Sony 4K Projector stands tall as nearly the best projector for gaming on the market. The ability to provide a first-rate gaming experience isn’t the only quality this projector has, boasting compatibility and support for a wide range of media and even enhancing non-4K images, and displaying them even in bright areas.

Why We Like It – Sony 4K Projector

The Sony 4K Projector offers extraordinary performance with its high-quality design and innovative technology. Whether you want a genuine IMAX experience at home, or a clear and lifelike gaming immersion, this projector will deliver and impress.

  • Superior 4K display
  • High brightness
  • Multiple compatible devices and formats
  • Poor product support


The Sony VPL-VW695ES Projector holds nothing back in terms of performance; offering incredible 4K resolution with Motionflow technology through a 3-chip SXRD laser light ARC-F lens with a high dynamic contrast ratio of 350,000:1 with Advanced Iris, this monster of a machine will enhance your home cinema experience and your gaming immersion. As a home theater system, the Sony 4K Projector excels with IMAX Enhanced compatibility and Reality Creation technology to upscale existing media from full HD to near-4K resolution. For a cheaper alternative, the Optoma UHD50X is one of our favorite 4K projectors.


Even in lit rooms, the Sony 4K Projector shines through with 1,800 lumens of maximum brightness, making daytime viewing and gaming easy, while sacrificing none of the picture quality. However, other cinema projectors such as the Optoma HD39HDR or the BenQ HT2150ST offer even greater maximum brightness, for exceptional light-banishing ability. Additionally, other Sony projectors offer 4K images in even brighter displays, though for a significantly higher cost.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

The Sony 4K Projector sports a focusing ring, as well as a zoom lens and shift functions to get the perfect display in any environment. The Picture Position Memories feature allows for up to five previous settings to be easily stored and recalled for ease-of-use. The Dynamic Lens Iris Control feature allows the projector to adjust the required amount of light in each scene, allowing greater detail and contrast on an adjustable screen size up to 300”.


The case of the Sony VPL-VS695ES is durable, to protect the valuable high-performance equipment inside. The bulb has a recommended lifespan of around 6,000 hours, at which point the bulb should be replaced to retain ideal picture quality. Sony offers a 2-year warranty of parts for the projector, with the exception of the bulb, for which a replacement is only provided within 90 days of the original purchase. According to customer reviews, this product support can be quite lengthy, with replacement parts taking weeks or months to arrive. another projector worth checking out is the Epson LS 100 that also includes a generous 2-year warranty on the projector, guaranteeing the user plenty of use and support for many years.


The Sony 4K Projector delivers undeniably high-quality performance and design, though this understandably comes at a cost. With a steep price tag, one would expect an incredible level of quality – fortunately, the VPL-VS695ES delivers and then some. Many 4K projectors are expensive, but only a few offer the features and compatibility that this Sony 4K Projector does. With so much quality packed into it, the only other home cinema projectors with better performance will cost you a great deal more.

Sony 4K Projector Wrap Up

While the product’s support may not be ideal, don’t let that detract from the product itself. The Sony 4K Projector is a hard-working machine that is guaranteed to deliver a top-notch experience; be it an unforgettable family movie night or an intense gaming session, the 695 is made to inspire awe.

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