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SONGMICS Standing Desk Chair, Adjustable Standing Stool Review

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The Songmics standing desk chair is a standing stool that’s ideal for a wide range of uses, and is also one of the healthiest options to go for, especially if you don’t want to develop back problems from sitting on a regular office chair. The swivel sitting balance chair is, by all means, comfortable, as it comes with a 3.1-inch thick seat cushion, and is also well anchored to the ground through an anti-slip bottom pad. The two handles on the side of the seat make it pretty easy to handle and move around, and its good-looking design lets it sit nice and pretty regardless of whether you have it in your office or home. Let’s see if this is enough to make it the best standing desk chair around, and also how it compares to other well-known alternatives in the market, or how it compares to the best office chair.

Why We Like It – SONGMICS Standing Desk Chair, Adjustable Standing Stool

The Songmics Standing Desk Chair, Adjustable Standing Stool comes with an anti-slip bottom pad to help keep you stable as you work on it, and can also accommodate a user that weighs as much as 265 pounds.

  • Wide range of applications
  • Easy to assemble
  • 265 weight capacity
  • Only available in 1 color


If you’ve ever sat on a standing chair desk before, then you should be pretty familiar with the level of comfort that it provides. There’s no form of back support on this chair, but the kind of active sitting that it allows for will help you keep your core, shoulder and muscles in check, and this is something that you won’t get from a task office chair like the Flash Furniture Mid Back swivel chair.

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Just like the SP Velvet tilt angle adjustable desk chair, you’ll find the Songmics standing desk chair very comfortable to sit on. Thanks to the 3.1-inch, high-density foam seat cushion that’s even thicker than what you’ll find on regular office chairs like the Modway Veer Drafting Chair. At a 38 x 41 cm seat size, there’s plenty of sitting space for the average person, and with the ability to tilt up to 90 degrees, the seat allows for plenty of body movements that will help keep you active throughout the day.


Adjusting the Songmics adjustable standing balance chair is as easy as it can ever get. All you need to do is push a button that’s just underneath the seat, and you’ll be able to raise or lower the seat height of this stool as per your preferences. Its adjustable height range is 24.8 to 34.6 inches from the ground, but if this is too high for you, then maybe the Seville Classics Airlift 360 Sit-Stand Adjustable Ergonomic Active Balance Non-Slip Desk Stool with a range of 20 to 28 inches might be worth checking out.

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The Songmics desk chair has a very easily breathable seat that’s upholstered with thick, high-density foam. The seat won’t get as warm as a leather seat would even after sitting on it for a long period of time, and since it’s a stool, your back will always be exposed, so you won’t need to deal with sweaty back as you would on a leather chair. For a similar option that is designed to activate your core muscles check out THE ORIGINAL balance fit ball office chair adjustable desk stool review.


With a weight capacity of up to 265 pounds, there aren’t many people who would be unable to sit on the Songmics active sitting chair. Its anti-slip bottom pad is also guaranteed to keep you sitting still, and with a base size of 41 cm dia., the stool will make sitting in one position for a long amount of time very easy to do.

SONGMICS Standing Desk Chair, Adjustable Standing Stool Wrap Up

Fortunately or unfortunately, the Songmics standing desk chair is only available in the color black, but even so, the standing stool sitting balance chair is still very well designed, and will look great no matter where you place it.