Solowheel Takes On The Segway, Costs $3,500 Less (video)

The Segway never really caught on, so will a single wheeled device that travels up to 12 mph for 12 miles ever take off?  Sorry, but it’s a question we can’t help but ponder.  But that doesn’t mean the Solowheel isn’t worth a look.

At a glance the Solowheel is effectively a unicycle that’s seat has been replaced by two foldable foot pegs, or foot platforms as they like to call it.  But it’s what you can’t see that makes it so darn neat.  Under the proverbial hood is a 1000 watt electric motor, a set of gyroscopes to help you stayed balanced and a battery that works for up to two hours and takes just 45 minutes to fully charge.  There is a built-in handle for carrying the 20lb transportation device and they say it can recapture energy when slowing or traveling down hills.

We’re confident there is a significant acclimation period that probably eclipses the Segway, and this is probably largely due to the lack of handles or steering wheel.  After all, it’s only human to try and lean forward when there isn’t something to offset our top heavy, bipedal like nature.  But once you’re accustom to the Solowheel, leaning forward increases acceleration, leaning back decreases it, while the device’s gyro will help you stay balanced through the turns.


There is no official word on a price (we’re hearing $1,500), but you can take stock in the fact that it’s the “smallest, greenest, most convenient People Mover ever invented”, at least according to the maker.


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  1. I think that you have to give it a chance to prove itself.  You will still gain some exercise due to having to work at balancing (similar to a vibration plates you use to stand on at fitness centres) which is still a good thing. I feel that  as long as you take it for what it is and use it sensibly then I can't really see the issue with oh it's not as good as this and it's better than that etc.  Remember that you can never please everyone and that these great inventions are what helps us progress into the future at the end of the day.

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