If you are looking for the best vapes, have I got something for you. I gotta be honest…I didn’t take a single puff out of this thing, but its ‘wow’ factor is more then enough to show it off to friends and family. Very easy to use. Just draw back the metal slide, insert the brown or green stuff, pull the trigger and you’re in business. What makes the Solopipe truly unique is the ‘all in one’ build – refillable butane lighter and pipe. The sliding door keeps the ‘tobacco’ safely in place during travel and its solid metal build means you can toss it between friends. I’m not a smoke but I am truly impressed with this device. Any smoker might also be interested in our review of Vaprwear: lets you smoke semi-discreetly too.

Solopipe sideSolopipe EndSolopipe Door

Official site here. No price mentioned on the site and you’ll have to email ([email protected]) to get ordering info. Sorry, no shopping cart.

Update: My buddy pointed a few key things – only something a smoker would know.

1) What do you do when it gets clogged? There are two screws but this thing don’t look built for disassembling.

2) The screen that holds the (wacky) tobacco doesn’t seem replicable, let alone accessible.

3) Lastly, when’s the last time you smoked out of a metal pipe voluntarily? Comment below if you have some thoughts.

Video below.

Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

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  1. Love the Solopipe…until it stops lighting after a couple of months. Sent it back and they charged me $30 for a new one because I didn’t have my receipt (was a gift). That one worked for a couple of weeks and then broke as well! Love the concept, but man do they need to work out the kinks.

  2. If you buy solopipe straight from
    there is a lifetime warranty! Just send it back with a receipt and you’ll get a new one in the mail.

  3. Hi guys

    Some great comments there. If you like the solopipe then please take a look at these new smoking gadgets

    They are a lot cheaper and dare I say, alot cooler than the Solopipe. You have choice of the Evolution or the Autoloader.

    Please let me know what you think ok

    Cat :-)

  4. Hey guys, let me address those three problem they listed above.
    1. Clean regularly and it won’t be a problem.
    2. Screens are amazingly easily to replace and you can even make your own if you’re alone on a sunday and no shops are open.
    3. I know what it is so yea, I’ll smoke voluntarily haha

  5. I have had two solo pipes now and they didnt last more then 6 monthes. Im not buying a third. for the 60 bucks I paid, dont you think they should have lasted a little longer?

    1. Did you buy any of them through Or an authorized dealer? If so you should return them and you will receive a replacement. $10 for S&H

  6. I just got one the other day for my birthday and this thing is too awesome. If you don’t have one you have got to get one. It is so intense and it rocks. You have to buy one. My sister got mine on . Price is good and web site excellent. Friendly user and easy to get around.

  7. seen it on the show weeds lastnight and bought one today .very cool and you cant beat the replacment policy.

  8. A friend bought one for 50 at a local shop. 3 people can easily take 2 average sized hits of the tobacco with just one bowl-full. The bowl is suprisingly large, and the sliding cover stayed put, holding the goodies where they should. Its great. Snowboarding-wise, you can easily pack enough in the bowl for a few hours enjoyment before having to return to the parking lot for a reload.

    With the slide closed and bowl full, it was almost difficult to smell the tobacco. Even when putting my nose directly to the slide, you can only smell stainless steel. Great for those that have smelly tobacco.

    Im off tommorow to go buy one for myself.

  9. The pipe in question is a very good pipe. I Purchased one for my wife,(see loves stuff like this), it worked great.However, something broke and now it will not light.
    Not sure what happen but it only lasted a month or less
    and the shop were I purchased would not take it back,
    even just for store credit. Yes it was used, that is what it is for, to be used. Just wish I could get it fixed or replaced. THe few weeks’ it worked it was a good pipe!

    1. Mine worked for 2 weeks before it stopped lighting. These pipes are impossible to return. I would advise anyone, NOT TO PURCHASE THIS VERY EXPENSIVE PIPE THAT WLL NOT LAST.

      1. I found mine in a bus station bathroom haha, I’m figuring out how to fix it rn should find out a trick or two in a little bit ill post how to fix the igniter in the comments in a few minutes

  10. I just bought one for my sister, its her birthday in a few days. I havent gotten it yet, but I hope its not some piece of shit like those huge ass zippos you see in the gas stations.

  11. hey well all i have to say is this thing looks like what every fellow smoker would die for:) im waiting to use it when i hit the mountains to go snow boarding.

    i just got mine on ebay also and if any one needs one at a $17 save on this thing then go to ebay and type in solopipe and you will find the guy i have gone through,plus he has a 100% feed back:)

    this thing is going to be bad ass


  12. Be careful with that return policy mike g, if you have smoked anything illegal out of it, it voids the warranty.

    1. What a joke, d first of all solopipe does not sit around and test your returned pipe for “illegal” substances and I am greatly offended you would make such a statement. has never rejected a single return because of the substance that was burned in the bowl. I imagine you have never even seen a solopipe unless it was online or on TV, let alone used one. Returns are accepted through provided you bought it there or through an authorized reseller, follow the instructions and include your receipt and a description of what is wrong with your product.
      As per the clearly stated instructions – If you tried to return one to the store where you “bought” it, you will not receive a replacement.

  13. i bought one of these at a headshop for $50, i actually got two when i went. Makes a great gift, and so far im very impressed with it. It doesn’t got hot in your hand, regular cleaning with the kit will prevent you from having to disect it one day to do it. And plus, it has a full exchange policy at So thats all i need, if mine starts messing up or bothering me in the smallest way, ill send it back and get a brand new one, u cant beat that with a baseball bat.

  14. Umm Meh. who ever you are, i think your crazy the Solopipe is soo AWESOME…. I dont think, Well i KNOW u cant find a pipe anywhere with a lighter attached to it like that!! THE SOLOPIPE IS FREAKING AWESOME!! I Love It

  15. The solopipe is great, for a cheaply-made gadgety pipe. I got mine at a local headshop for $50. What bugs me about it is the construction… The metal bowl is great. the screen’s thick and doesn’t release much gas. The stem, however, is made of the same potmetal that my broken laptop hinges are, and releases so much gas that I can’t really enjoy the pipe properly. I took it out to clean it, only to discover that it’s held in by a mere o-ring. the o-ring had been subjected to such heat and pressure that it rotted and snapped. I had to reverse the tube, and now my mouthpiece is both loose and leaky. I want my $50 back please. I’m gonna go buy a Proto.

    1. Did you buy the real deal or a knock off? Heat issues have me “concerned” that you are using this to smoke something other than a leafy material. I have had mine for a year and a few odd months and never had a heat issue and that is with three people puffing off the darn thing.

  16. i just got one and this thing rocks! i hear you on the cleaning factor but it comes with a cleaning kit that works really well, also came with extra screens and a little pouch (which i’ve never actually used).
    I think it’s cool, the fact that it’s metal is OKAY considering how many glass ones i’ve broke and surprisingly it doesn’t leave a “taste” associated with the usual metal pipe.
    Also, it isn’t wind proof but since you have an extra free hand you can easily block any wind. Especially handy at the beach or this winter when i go snowboarding. The free hand also helps while driving.
    Since nobody knows what it is, don’t be surprised to go into concerts, games and events and nobody associating it with something you “shouldn’t” have. To them it’s just a crazy lighter.
    The bowl is fairly big so you can pretty much pack a day’s worth of tobbaki in there without needing a second container.
    A bit pricy, but isn’t everything when it first comes out?
    I got mine from for 69.99 with free shipping!

  17. I have one, I was 40th in line.
    $80 WTF, Smokes Hot, Lighter is not wind proof. Hard to be descrete when it takes 7 tries, even inside; Gets sticky quickly.
    I would not recomend it unless you want to pay $80 for the coolness factor. Go get a proto pipe.

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