The best Bluetooth speakers should be stylish and sound great. If you want the best dock too, take a look at our Philip Fidelio DS7700 bluetooth docking speaker review.

Like most of you, we love speakers that not only sound good but look good too. And let’s face it, it’s not easy to find speakers that are elegant and stylish enough to actually look good in our home. However, once in a while a speaker comes along that you would be proud to invite through your door. The Solo 500X-EQ Bluetooth Speakers from Studio 19 London are just such a speaker. For a speaker that’s a bit more portable, consider giving our HMDX Jam review a read. Or, if you’d rather go retro, you might like our Logitech UE mobile boombox review.

A Very Versatile Speaker with Modern Style

Your audio accessories should look at home anywhere in the house. Compare with another stylish speaker set in our Logitech Bluetooth speakers Z600 review. The design is modern and sleek, not overly shiny or busy. Just beautiful and confident, with a pleasant shape. For differently shaped speakers, you might want to read our Razer Ferox review. So they look good, which is half the battle, but they also happen to sound superb. That’s the other half of the battle. These speakers use Dual Pressure Air Compression technology to deliver amazing bass. Compare the specs of this speaker with our Onkyo RBX-500 iLunar music system to be sure you’re making the right choice. The driver configuration, combined with air pressure, delivers a full-range sound with deep low-end frequencies and amazing clarity of sound in a very compact form factor. If you love this speaker, you may want to read our Yantouch Black Diamond 3 Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 speaker review too.

The 500X-EQ are also advanced DSP sound enabled. This is all about a more dynamic sound for the content that you consume, like your music, movies, and games. It makes your media come alive. The built-in professional EQ Graphic Equalizer, offers digital sound enhancement that you don’t normally find in portable speakers. This lets you fine-tune your music even further, to get it just how you like it. You can always add more bass, mid-range or treble to get what you want. If you’re still not sure which Bluetooth speaker is best, you should compare the Solo with our Yamaha NX -A01 Bluetooth sound system.

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Other features include Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI so that you can connect to your TV as an enhanced sound bar, 3-band Graphic EQ, and enhanced 360° Optimised Sound for omnidirectional audio. The Solo 500X-EQ Bluetooth Speakers are available in Space Grey and Gold colors.

Solo 500X-EQ Bluetooth Speakers
Great style and great sound.

It Makes Your Movies and Games Sound Great Too

Studio 19 calls it “a precision-engineered entertainment system that’s ready to connect with your music, movies or gaming for a premium audio experience wherever you are” and as you can see from the details, they aren’t wrong. It gets even better though.

The Solo 500X-EQ Bluetooth Speakers are completely portable and can easily be used anywhere. The Solo is powered by an 8,800mAh built-in battery which will give you up to 8 hours of runtime, indoors or outdoors. When it does run out of power, all you have to do is recharge it with a powerbank or connect to the power in the home. You can charge it with a Type C cable for faster charging.

You won’t find a better-looking speaker with this kind of quality.

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