SōLIS Audio Is All About Style And Sound

The folks at Solis Audio have been combining superior style with amazing sound for years. You can see it in every one of their products, which are designed with exquisite attention to detail. And you can hear it with your ears when you power up any of their devices.

Solis Audio is Art for the Eyes and Ears

For over 40 years they have been creating audio equipment for people who value iconic styling and sound quality. When enthusiasts build audio gear for other enthusiasts, the end result is beautiful design without any compromises. Their products look like they would be ultra expensive, but they keep things affordable.

The company wants you to hear every note and every little nuance of your music. Solis has combined the latest wireless streaming technologies like Bluetooth and Chromecast with high-resolution speakers and sophisticated tube amplifiers to create the amazing quality that they are known for.

Listen wirelessly and stream anywhere in your home with speakers that have Google Home app with Multi-room sync and Chromecast built-in. These speakers are easy to set up and use.

SōLIS Audio Is All About Style And Sound
Solis Audio looks great and sounds great.

Your Audio gear Really Can Look As Good As It Sounds

Too often you love the sound of an audio device, but the design has no soul. That’s not the case here. The company uses simple forms, sleek lines and contrasting textures of Mid Century Modern style.

This makes for sophisticated gear that is timeless and in demand by interior designers, architects, and fashion conscious buyers. 20th-century design cues meet 21st-century materials. If only all electronics manufacturers approached their products like this.

Solis has several audio systems and speakers to choose from and each one is a work of art. Imagine an audio system that you can be proud to show off. One that you can display as art. Now imagine that this system is just as pleasing to the ears. When you peruse their site, you’ll find a lot to lust over. I think Iknow where my next audio system is coming from.

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