SolePower Puts A Backup Battery In Your Sneaker

Phones die while we’re out all the time, but it’s especially annoying when we just need a bit more juice for a text message or a quick check of the bus times. So, for those moments when you need some juice for your phone, consider funding SolePower’s Kickstarter.

The concept is pretty simple: Put SolePower in your shoe, and start walking. Essentially, the device uses the kinetic energy from walking around to charge the battery passively, so, when you need a quick recharge, you can plug it in, suck up some power, and keep going.

It’s one of those Kickstarters where a solution to a genuine and serious problem in the Third World, namely powering the cell phones that serve as lifelines for many communities. Needless to say, a lot of people in these areas walk everywhere, so having a battery that powers up based on walking everywhere would be useful.

And they have done their homework. The device is designed essentially be your standard in-sole, to the point where podiatrists have checked it out to ensure that it’s just like anything else you’d slap inside your shoe.

That said, there is one part of the Kickstarter that should give you pause. They admit, down at the bottom under ‘Risks and Challenges’, that the $50,000 they want isn’t going to take the product all the way to manufacturing, and that they’re counting on investors and doing well in several different contests. Which means that whatever you contribute, you should probably view more as a donation than you should a guarantee that you’ll see this product in a finished form.

Still, in order to never have to deal with a dead phone again? It might be worth the money. Currently, you can get one for as little as $100, but act fast: The lower prices are all limited offers.

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Dan Seitz

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