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Soft Scrub Purpose Surface Cleanser Review

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While house cleaning may not be anyone’s favourite chore, it still remains a task that we all have to engage in at one point in time. If you’re like most people, you probably would like to take as less time as possible when cleaning dishes in the kitchen or when cleaning up your bathroom. To spend the least amount of time when doing this, you’re going to need cleaning solution that is easy to apply, and one that effectively deals with tough stains. Enter the Soft Scrub Purpose Surface Cleaner. This is an all purpose cleaner that’ll ensure no tough stain is left behind on your kitchen products. Go ahead and get to the end of this review to find out whether it could be the best all purpose cleaner for you.

Why We Like It – Soft Scrub Purpose Surface Cleanser

This Soft Scrub Purpose Surface Cleanser is all you need to make sure that your house remains free of stains and bacteria. The cleanser is Orthodox union certified Kosher, meaning its ingredients and production process all comply with the standards of religious Jewish law.

  • Great for multi surface use
  • Kosher compliant
  • Can be bought as a 3 pack
  • Lemon scent may not be a favourite for some


Harmful bacteria, tough stains and calcified deposits don’t stand a chance if you’re using the Soft Scrub all purpose surface cleanser to clean surfaces around your house. Known for its stain removing capabilities, the Soft Scrub Oxi Cleaner is a popular choice among house cleaners and housekeepers a like, and has always been known to result in a shiny clean surface. Beaten only by the Lysol Clean and Fresh Multi Surface Cleaner on our list, the cleaner is perfect for cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, though these are not the only two areas that it is restricted to. According to the manufacturer, the cleanser kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, as long as you leave the product on the surface for a reasonable amount of time before you start cleaning. In your next home ‘bake off’, use nonstick and reusable cupcake liners like those reviewed in the Silicone baking reusable non stick cupcakes review.


Available in a 36 ounce container, the Soft Scrub Oxi cleaner comes in a size that’s large enough to last a significantly large number of washes, and it also leaves behind a fresh lemon scent whenever used. If you so wish, you could choose to buy the cleanser in a pack of 3, so that you don’t have to run back to the store in case your first bottle runs out. The cleanser is great for using on a wide range of surfaces, but if you’d also like something to use on your pets or infants for example, then the Method All Purpose Cleaning wipes would be a perfect choice.


This Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser will kill Salmonella and Staphylococcus bacteria in 10 minutes at full strength, thereby reducing your chances of getting sick by a significant margin. For full effect, you’ll need to make sure that you shake the bottle very well before use, and also use sparingly over surfaces that tend to scratch easily such as plastic, fiberglass or natural stone. Just like the Mr Clean Multi-Surface cleaner, the Scrub Oxi cleanser is an eye irritant, so you want to make sure that it doesn’t get to your eyes at any one point. If it does, make sure to wash with water thoroughly, and seek a physician if pain persists. Are you a baker looking to try our different cupcake liners? Read an attractive option by clicking the Standard white cupcake baking liners review.

Soft Scrub Purpose Surface Cleanser Wrap Up

One of the best things about using a cleanser like the Soft Scrub Oxi Cleanser is that it’ll probably work well regardless of the surface that you choose to use it to clean. The cleaner also happens to be a certified Kosher product, meaning that it conforms to the production standards of religious Jewish law.