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Whenever your kids teens or even younger adults are in the house, they’ll rarely want to spend time with the rest of the family in front of the TV, or even at the dining table. They’re normally locked up in their rooms trying to figure out what kind of games to play, and they have no problems doing this for hours on end. To make this comfortable for them, you could decide to equip their rooms with the kind of furniture that will guarantee their comfort, and a good example of what you could start with is the Soft Floor Rocker. Could it be among the Best Gaming Chairs for everyone, or is it just the Best Gaming Chair for Kids? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Soft Floor Rocker Chair

The Soft Floor Rocker Chair may look small, but it features a very sturdy build that allows for a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds. The chair is made of high quality materials such as wood, foam and polyurethane, and this should guarantee a long term of use before any signs of wear and tear start creeping up.

  • No assembly required
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Lightweight so very easy to move
  • No armrests


As it’s name would suggest, the Soft Floor Rocker is to be placed on the floor, and is capable of rocking back and forth for increased relaxation. The chair also features a tufted design, so your back will feel very comfortable as you sit into it. Similar to the Vitesse Gaming Chair, the Soft Rocker features a protruded headrest, so your kid will be able to lean back and relax their head whenever he or she needs to.


The Soft Floor Rocker is a very comfortable chair to sit on, as it is very fluffy and has a lot of ergonomic contours. The rocker’s plush padding gives it a nice, soft feel, and its upright design will work perfectly even without a wall to lean back on. Unlike the X Rocker Pro series H3 4.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair, the Soft Rocker game chair is pretty light, so you’ll easily be able to carry it around from one room to another.


Following its freestanding design and seamless stitching, there’s nothing that you’ll be able to adjust on the Soft Video Rocker. It therefore remains a joy to use, since your kids won’t ever have to fumble when making any adjustments. It also ships as built, so there’s no assembly required.


Unlike a PU leather chair such as the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, the Soft Floor Rocker allows for a good level of airflow through the chair, so you’ll hardly ever feel as though your back is sweating whenever you’re sitting on it.


Despite the lack of armrests, the Soft Floor Rocker chair will still keep you well balanced, and its wide base will ensure that you stay upright at all times. The chair is also available in up to 7 different colors, so your kids will have the pleasure of picking the one that tickles their fancy the most.

Soft Floor Rocker Chair Wrap Up

Manufactured by the Factory Direct Partners, the Soft Floor Rocker is a reliably built chair that your kids can sit on when playing video games or even reading books, and weighing only 18 pounds, it should be incredibly easy for them to move around.

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