Sneaky Pete Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Sneaky Pete is about a con artist who was recently released from jail in the first episode. Upon his release, he is immediately contacted about some money he owes. Now Pete is desperately looking to build a new identity and escape his problems. This series is in our Best Shows on Amazon along with The Americans. But if you want to discover other streaming companies, go over our post on the best streaming services available today!

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Why We Like It – Sneaky Pete Review

Sneaky Pete is a drama about Pete, a recently released prisoner that can’t seem to get away from getting into trouble even now that he is fresh out of jail. His pursuit to try and recover some money he owes will keep you strapped to your seat in this Amazon Prime Video TV show.

  • Great con schemes
  • Feels Like Breaking Bad
  • Slow Start

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This series written by David Shore stars Giovanni Ribisi as Pete, the recently released con man. Bryan Cranston from the Breaking Bad also contributed to the production, and plays Vince, who lights up the series with his evil wrath against Pete for not paying him his money. The series starts off slowly as Pete decides to lay low and reunite with his family after a long time. Pete’s character seems odd after being cooped up for so long, his monotoned calm sense of self keeps the series feeling serious, so serious that you might get over the dialogue after a while. If that is the case, maybe The Boys or Babylon 5 will be a better choice to watch.


Eric Liebowitz worked behind the cameras to bring this series to fruition. During the first season, the scenes took place at Pete’s new family’s home. Margo Martindale stars as Pete’s grandmother Audrey. Pete’s sister Julia Bowman, played by Marin Ireland, is often shown in the series with Pete as she tends to fall in the shenanigans with Pete. During the series, there are a variety of flashbacks that show Pete’s backstory a little more and reveal the current problems he is facing.


This is a great dramatic series because most of the family members are involved in one con scheme or another. It will be interesting to see what other crazy cons they will try to pull off. By the looks of the drastic situation encountered with their long lost enemy Vince, it will take a miracle for Pete to recover the money back. It will surely be interesting to see how they manage to get themselves out of this pickle.

Sneaky Pete Review Wrap Up

With the amount of pressure piling up on Pete, Sneaky Pete is a good series to get into because the build up to Vince will be epic to see. Although I must say it is off to a really slow start, the prime con games for Pete are sure to come as the situation gets tense enough that someone might lose a couple fingers.

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