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Snap Skateboard

We’d take great heed in riding any board that can fold up.  Would you ride a foldable surfboard, boogie boards, skim board, snow board or skateboard?


The Snap Skateboard is constructed of 6061-T6, high grade aluminum and outfitted with 56mm premium wheels with ABEC 7 bearings.  But that’s hardly the mainstay of this multi wheeled transportation device since it can fold up, yes fold up thanks to two sets of patent pending hinges that shrink the 32-inch long board to less than half its original size, making it just 14.3-inches.  And sturdiness appears to be a nonissue, as they say it’s stronger than a traditional deck since it is constructed from a combination of steel and aluminum.  It also doesn’t hurt that it weighs just 6.5lbs.

For those of you seeking a more custom deck, fear not.  You can replace all the parts, including the trucks, wheels and bearings.  However, you may have to a custom paint job, though some laser etching would look bad ass.

The Snap Skateboard usually sells for $120, but The Fancy’s shop has it for just $60.

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