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S’More Maker Resolves the Chocolate Issues

S’mores without a doubt are a camp fire favorite, but getting the chocolate to melt with the marshmallow is a conundrum even the best Eagle Scouts can’t resolve.  That’s why every good boyscout needs the S’More To Love STL-600 S’More Maker.  It’s been molded to fit up to six s’more stacks and will hopefully achieve chocolatey, gooey bliss.  We’re just wondering how you stop the graham crackers from over cooking, but maybe they sit on a solid plate of metal (we can’t tell from the pics).

You can grab one from Amazon for $19.

Via: Gearpatrol


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  1. Guest

    Well I hope you like your graham crackers toasty. They'll be burnt long before your marshmallow gets cooked. Plus it robs you of the fun of toasting your own marshmallow. Sorry, this is one silly, unnecessary product.

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