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If you’re in the market for the best blender, then you might have also considered a smoothie machine. The choice between a standard blender and a smoothie blender largely depends on the types of recipes you like to make. Each type of blender can handle frozen fruits and pieces of food. Still, there is necessary information to learn about a blender vs smoothie machine.


  • A conventional blender uses an electric motor to blend a wide range of ingredients inside a blender jar.
  • A smoothie machine is an electric blender that specializes in making smoothies and other frozen drinks.
  • Blenders can do more around the kitchen than a smoothie machine.

Blender vs Smoothie Machine Compared

A standard blender or smoothie machine is excellent for mixing green smoothies or protein powder. Both kinds of kitchen appliances can turn ingredients like ice cubes and leafy greens into smooth liquid. Consider the choice between a blender or coffee grinder if you want to make some frozen lattes.

Explaining Blenders

The countertop blender, or conventional blender, consists of a few parts. Typically, a kitchen blender has a base with an electric motor inside. That motor spins the sharp blades inside the blender’s glass or plastic jar to mix up liquid or solid food. There is a massive price range for high-speed blenders, so make sure you’re aware of the difference between a blender three-speed and variable speed.

Insider Tip

If you want to blend thicker smoothies, pick a model with a pulse setting to work through tough ingredients like nuts or butter.

Benefits of Blenders

A countertop blender can make a wide range of recipes. From blending chunks of fruit to simple food prep tasks, high-end blenders can handle it all. Regular blenders often have powerful motors, preset programs, and multiple settings to get you exactly what you want. If you like this versatility and power, check out our comparison of the Shred Emulsifier blender vs the Vitamix blender.

Drawbacks of Blenders

Blenders take up space. Expensive models can get quite large, cutting down on your counter space. In addition, some blender blades cannot handle chunks of ice and a specialized smoothie machine.

Explaining Smoothie Machines

Smoothie machines are much smaller kitchen appliances than conventional blenders. These personal blenders specialize in whipping up nutritious smoothies. Smoothie machines use a small but powerful motor to crush through ice and produce smooth smoothies.

Benefits of Smoothie Machines

Smoothie machines are often small, leaving you more kitchen space for other food prep. In addition, some smoothie machines are portable. This means you can mix your smoothie and drink it from the same container.

Drawbacks of Smoothie Machines

The main issue with some smoothie machines is a lack of power. Most budget models wear down quickly and simply cannot mix on par with an expensive blender. You’ll also need to pick up an additional appliance for anything other than making smoothies.

Which is Better?

When picking between a smoothie machine and a blender, you should go with the model that better suits your needs. For example, if your morning ritual includes a green smoothie, go with a smoothie machine. Instead, go with a conventional blender if you want a versatile appliance that can do a bit of everything. Be sure to check out our guide on the best blenders for smoothies so you can have the versatility of a blender but still get your delicious morning smoothie. If smoothies are the main use of your blender, you want to check out our page explaining what is a vacuum blender, as there may be some benefits for your smoothies over a regular blender.


Don’t go with a smoothie machine if you intend on using your new appliance for anything other than smoothies or other frozen drinks.


What is vacuum blending?

Vacuum blending is meant to preserve all of the nutrients in smoothies or whatever food you are blending. Vacuum blenders are top-rated in juicing and smoothie making.

Is a juicer or blender better for smoothies?

Between a juicer or blender, a traditional blender is the better choice for smoothies.

What blenders does Starbucks use?

Starbucks coffee shops use the 48-ounce Vitamix Blending Station Advance, also known as “The Quiet One.”

STAT: Fruit smoothies are popular among blender users. They are made more than twice a month on average using both types of blenders. More than 25% of blender users report making smoothies in their blenders five or more times a month. (source)

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