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Perhaps it’s not the most pressing engineering challenge in the world, but it is incredibly annoying to lawnmower owners to find the best riding lawn mower across the world; you can only store your lawnmower flat, thanks to gravity. Storing it upright means oil and fuel will leak out of the engine and onto your floor. At least until the SmartStow came along.

Mow Down The Competition

The SmartStow comes from Toro, a name you’ll be familiar with if you’ve ever had to buy a gardening or snow removal appliance that comes with a motor. Toro, of course, is always looking to find that particular edge over the other people in the small-engine tools game, and the SmartStow is admittedly a killer one; you can save, according to Toro, up to 70% of space wasted with a mower.

Tighter Seals Make For Better Engines

At root of this innovation is the fact that Toro got a better engine. The Mow N’ Stow, designed by Briggs and Stratton. Essentially the Briggs and Stratton team went through and tightened the ship; every gasket, every fuel line, every seal is absolutely leakproof and gravity-resistant. Which is actually more a production that it sounds, if you think about what has to go into preventing liquid from finding a lower level.

You can even clean the undercarriage by connecting a hose, turning on the water, and letting the mower wash itself. Truly, we live in an age of wonder.

Mow It And Stow It

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Toro’s new space-saving mower is arguably coming at the best time; as Americans downsize and look to save space, and as over-organized people start moving and buying new homes. Still, it’ll have to compete with all the other mowers on the market, and we’re sure homeowners will weigh the cost against the space saving. But hey, it’s a folding mower!

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