The best RC helicopters are cool but check this out.

We’re not strangers to clever new ways to control aircraft with your iPhone 5S. But if you’re ready to move beyond paper airplanes and into actual aircraft, the SmartPlane is here to soar with you. If your kid loves hot wheels, check out our Mattel Hot Wheels Car Maker playset review.

The Aircraft

The first thing that popped into your head was “How long before I destroy this thing?”  No worries, however; the SmartPlane is designed, from the ground up, to be crash-proof.  So, the best swing set for toddlers will stay safe. First of all, it’s a slow flier; as you may have guessed, Newton’s Laws can be rough on anything the faster it goes, so this is designed to be more Wright flyer than Harrier jet. Secondly, it’s made of expanded polypropelene, which springs back into shape, and the fragile parts, like the propeller and the rudder, are recessed into the plane’s body, so it takes the hit. For fun for the adults, take a look at how Razer’s crazy cart XL is drifting fun for adults.

The Controls

The next step is to keep the controls as simple as humanly possible, which is part of the reason the iPhone 5S is your controller. It’s built to intuitively follow your finger; use your finger to adjust the horizon, and control the throttle in the bottom half of the app. It’s even simple to connect it; you just touch your phone to the plane after booting the app and it uses Bluetooth to pair the two in seconds. Essentially, within minutes of unpacking this, you’ll be flying. If an RC car is more your speed, check out the Spy Video TRAKR R/C vehicle (can be modded with apps (video)).

Fun With Aviation


This is undeniably a toy, but it’s a well-designed toy built to teach you the basics of aviation. More to the point, it’s fun to have a crash-proof miniature plane flying around, and it’s designed to be used anywhere. Annoy your coworkers! Annoy your children, for once! Being able to buzz anyone in range will require you buying it overseas, right now, and before shipping it’ll run you about $94. $94 that will absolutely be worth it.

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