Smartphones Unlocked With a PIG: Cheap and Easy

The SIM PIG is an innovative little chip like no other because unlike traditional methods of unlocking mobile phones, the SIM PIG can unlock the vast majority of headsets. The SIM PIG bypasses any network locks, which translates into complete access from any network in virtually any mobile phone. THE SIM PIG offers a ten-second solution that does not invalidate any pre-existing warranties.

The very latest 3G Phones and devices can be very difficult and expensive to unlock, but they are no match for the SIM PIG. This product can unlock the latest smart-phones such as iPhone, Windows Mobile devices, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry and many more. This is particularly helpful and cheaper when travelling in order to avoid roaming charges when making or receiving calls from overseas.

The card costs about $35 dollars and is available online at Fitting the SIM PIG involves pressing out a very small hole in your SIM card with the free cutting tool included with every purchase. Once done, simply Piggyback SIM PIG to your SIM card and insert into your locked mobile phone and start talking.


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