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The SmartDevil USB Desk Fan Mini is a great option for offices, cars, desks, and even bedrooms. It’s because of these varied locations that it’s considered a best travel fan. Toss in the fact that it’s also compatible with most USB-enabled devices, and you have a fan that’s considered a best USB fan too!

Why We Like It – SmartDevil Desk Fan

The SmartDevil Desk Fan is a lightweight, space-saving option when it comes to portable fans. Any desk fan mini review would also be smart to mention how quiet the fan is at only 50dB. Throw in three speed settings and you have a fan that puts most other USB fans to shame.

  • Great for Office, Car or Bedroom
  • Compatible With Most USB-Enabled Devices
  • Saves Money and the Environment
  • Need to Carry and Extra USB Cord


The SmartDevil Small Personal USB Desk Fan features three speeds which is pretty standard for small USB fans in its class. You can access the different speeds by pressing the power button repeatedly. The USB Desk Fan Small will easily fit into your smart home decor because it’s compatible with USB-enabled power supplies like a laptop, power bank, and even car charger! However, this will mean you’ll have to carry an extra USB cord around with you, so be sure you account for that.


The SmartDevil Desk Fan Small Personal Desktop Table Cooling Fan weighs only six ounces. Compact and lightweight for your convenience, SmartDevil portable fans provide a full range of air circulation thanks to its 360 Degree tilt rotation. The personal desktop table fan is also perfect for your home office bedroom, or even your car!

Noise/Sound Level

The Desk Fan SmartDevil Portable Mini USB Desk Fan is an ultra quiet USB mini desk fan that operates under 50dB even on the highest setting. For reference, 50dB is about the noise level of a refrigerator. On lower settings, the personal USB Desk Fan is even quieter. If you’d like a small fan with strong wind and quiet operation for a bit of background white noise, this is one of the best desk fans for you.

Versatility/Modern Features

The SmartDevil Small Personal Desktop Table Cooling USB Powered Desk Fan saves the environment by plugging into USB outlets instead of using power from an outlet! By doing this, the mini table fan also saves you money on energy costs. And just to top off this SmartDevil USB Fan review, the anti-slip rubber bottom keeps the fan firmly in place so it won’t fall or vibrate and make noise!


The Three Speeds Portable Desktop Table Cooling Fan Powered New USB Desk Fan is available in three colors, and one of them is pink to satisfy you bold-color lovers. But let’s be honest, the fan portable, the fan quiet, and playing SmartDevil USB in the background while working or sleeping will be a pleasant, white noise experience. If you’re interested in seeing other quiet operation portable fans, check out the OPOLAR Portable Travel Mini Fan.

SmartDevil Desk Fan Wrap Up

The SmartDevil Mini Personal Fan has one drawback, and that’s having to carry an extra USB cord with you whenever you leave the house with it. But for a fan that saves energy, the environment, is USB-enabled, and can be used virtually anywhere, is an extra USB cord really all that bad? We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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