You can either buy another best office chair under 100, which is sweet, or you can switch to standing.

Did you know that standing while you work is better for you than sitting? Of course, it is. Your blood is circulating better, you are moving more and you are basically getting exercise while working. That’s why standing desks like the SmartDesk 2 Home Office Edition Standing Desk are so popular. They make people healthier. You can check out some of our best standing desk reviews for more info.

SmartDesk 2 Home Office Edition Standing Desk - Smart Choice
The SmartDesk 2 Home Office is a great choice.

Work Smarter With The SmartDesk 2 Home Office Edition Standing Desk

Aside from the obvious benefits of standing desks to your body these types of desks also lead to a better quality of work since you are more awake and alert with better posture. So the SmartDesk 2 is both mood-enhancing and energizing. But it isn’t your typical standing desk.

With the SmartDesk 2, you can customize the color and material to compliment your workspace. It comes in high-quality MDF wood with black, white, walnut and white oak options or you can get a finished bamboo top. This desk is all about being durable, strong, and stylish.

Durable and Easy To Use

How durable is it? It has a steel frame that can support and lift up to 300 lbs.  And to make sure that you have the proper height level for your needs, it has a simple button interface that allows you to create 4 custom height presets. This makes it easy to change between your optimal sitting and standing positions.

If those features have not already sold you on these innovative desks, you should also know that they are among the most affordable standing desks on the market as well, selling for about half of the price that their competitors charge. Also see what features you can look for in a standing desk.

A Smart Choice

All in all, I’d say that the SmartDesk Home Office lives up to its name. Getting healthy, being more productive and paying less are all very smart ideas when it comes to an office desk. These desks look great and perform great too. I don’t know about you, but I’m interested to see how this improves my work and health. Find out more here. And make sure that you know how to properly use your standing desk.

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