SmartCharge Won’t Leave You In The Dark


Say goodbye to using candles when a power outage strikes because SmartCharge promises to never leave you in the dark ever again! The Kickstarter campaign is the world’s first LED light bulb that you can turn on and off from the same wall switch even in the midst of a power outage thanks to its built-in battery that keeps everything working. It works like a traditional light bulb even, but also uses proprietary patent-pending Grid & Switch Sensor technology that allows the bulb to sense a power outage, recognizes the off/on position of your light switch and allows complete control of the light even with no utility or grid power.

The technology allows the bulb to distinguish between a loss of power due to opening of the line switch and a loss of power resulting from a grid failure when the line switch is either open or close. You won’t even notice a power outage is happening since you’ll still have light while your neighbors won’t! Each bulb has a battery, control technology, intelligence, CUP, memory, inverter and a printed circuit board all inside, which makes the bulb smart and efficient. Not only will it keep you from being in the dark, but it will also cut electricity usage for lighting up to 90%, saving you money. Pledge $35 or more and get one SmartCharge LED bulb.

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