Smart R2-D2 Refrigerator Delivers Beverages Right To You

Do you love Star Wars? Do you love R2-D2? Sorry we even had to ask: Let’s just move on to this amazing life-size R2-D2 refrigerator device from Japanese company Haier Asia.

“Okay, so it’s a fridge on wheels that looks like R2,” you may be thinking – but this is Japan we’re talking about: The R2-D2 fridge is far more of a robot than you may expect. It uses a rechargeable battery and can guide itself along via its wheel system. And yes, all the famous lights and beeping sounds will absolutely be included in the model.

Artoo’s functionality remains a bit of mystery for now. The mobile cooler appears to be designed to respond to commands, via app, voice or other mediums. The goal is for the droid to roll on over to the sofa and open up a fridge compartment, allowing you to grab a beer and then let R2-D2 return to hacking the entire Empire’s defense network or whatever else he gets up to.

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This appears to be only part of a larger strategy from Haier Asia to create mobile refrigerators based on a number of characters, including C-3PO, stormtroopers, and Darth Vader – which would definitely be a more creepy experience. The company also hinted that it was working on fridges based on characters like Ironman (a deal with Disney has been confirmed).

The R2 fridge is expected out in 2016, but we don’t have much news on price, availability, or the inclusion of strapped-on drink trays yet. Keep holding on, Star Wars fans!

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