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Daimler has teamed up with chemicals giant BASF to create one totally futuristic micro machine concept, the Smart Forvision, that they plan on showing off at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Not only does it sport some heavy sci-fi styling cues, but the concept also features some very cool green technology that is supposed to rival the Nissan Leaf and its extended range, making efficiency one of its main goals.

The Forvision is actually 20 percent more efficient than the standard Fortwo thanks to some hexagonal transparent solar cells on the roof that are more than just pleasing to the eye, but also created to generate energy for the car’s multimedia components and its three fans that help with climate control. We’ve heard of solar cells on roofs, but putting them on cars is some new school technology that might be the norm in the future!

Transparent OLEDs lie under the solar cells, which illuminate the car’s interior when the door is opened or at the press of a button. But when switched off, they allow for a clear view outside like any other moonroof.

Because of BASF’s magical touch (in terms of development), the Forvision is super light thanks to a set of all-plastic wheels and the use of carbon-fiber-reinforced epoxy (in layman’s terms, some high-performance composite material that that really trims the fat). It also has a super-thin heat shield and aluminum fiber paints that insulate the car but allow for GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth signals to pass through without any interference.

Cool exterior design elements like its jet-inspired rear lights look like the turbines of a small aircraft, which give the rear a very futuristic and sporty look. On the inside, “e-textiles” (which are thin fabrics with custom conductive coatings) replace regular seat heating technology. So bodies seating in the seats only absorbs heat through specific contact points like the middle and lower back area of the seats. This is also featured in the armrests of the doors to provide even greater comfort. The design of the seats, in addition to the white steering wheel that looks as if it should be on an aircraft, are very unique and further enhance the sci-fi look of the concept.

No specific specs about its powertrain were given, which will most likely be released at the Frankfurt Show. While it’s still only a concept, the Smart Forvision’s looks and technology are something to definitely entice consumers, which will hopefully make Daimler decide to send it into production!

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