Do you really know the nutritional value of everything you put in your mouth? Probably not, which is why if you do, you need to get the Smart Food Scale Prep Pad ($149). You’ll be able to visualize just how good your food is for your new goal of trying to live a healthy lifestyle. The scale and free Coutnertop app will let you see all your food’s carbs, calories, proteins, weight and micronutrients so you have real-time insight in what you stuff your face with. It will also be easy to clean with your best plastic spray bottles.  If you’re making pizza for dinner, once you’ve got your ingredients scaled out, you can use our tactical laser guided pizza cutter to make sure your slices are a perfect size.


You’ll be able to create more balanced meals to help you lose weight and stay healthy, especially if you use formulas from Urban Monk. It’s designed to be thin enough to be stored anywhere in your kitchen, although it’s actually pretty nice so you can always leave it out on a countertop for everyday use.The Prep Pad is carved from a single piece of aluminum and engineered to last. Its top surface is made with their signature non-porous recycled paper composite that you can wipe clean with easy and sanitize all you want. It’s accurate to within 1 gram and has up to a 15 capacity. You just need your own iPad! You can also use the best digital pocket scale.


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