Smart Coach Radar Sports and Traffic Radar

You might think that radar detectors are just for cars, helping you to avoid speed traps and police cars that want to run their fancy sirens and write you an expensive ticket. But you can use this technology for more than just avoiding the police. The Smart Coach Radar Sports and Traffic Radar uses this technology in a different way.

A Radar gadget That Improves Your Game

This little gadget has a wide range of applications. Pocket Radar Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures tracking technology and their latest is the Smart Coach Radar Sports. It provides accurate speed for sports and is easy enough for anyone to use it. It can train athletes by providing immediate feedback. Everyone from MLB coaches to youth sports athletes can use it to improve their game. This is much more useful than using a radar detector to evade the fuzz because you were speeding, right?

Whether it is measuring the speed of a baseball pitch, a football throw or a running human, the Smart Coach radar clues you in on the speed so that your training can be adjusted accordingly. Let’s look at what it can do for Baseball.

It can help you dial in different pitch speeds, improve fielding arm strength and increase hitting power by measuring Ball Exit Velocity. For hitters, it will help you beat the Defense Reaction Time with hard-hit line drives, while pitchers can be helped with off-speed pitches to disrupt a hitter’s timing. Catchers can improve Pop-Time so base-runners won’t steal so easily. Plus a lot more.

Smart Coach Radar Sports and Traffic Radar
Improve your game,

Another Device Measures Traffic

Pocket Radar has another model, the Classic Model, that is specifically for traffic.  This device will measure traffic speeds and the acceleration and deceleration of cars, vehicles, and bikes. This feature is aimed at citizens who want to make sure that their neighborhoods remain safe from speeding cars that could easily hit children.

Between being able to train athletes and being able to capture the speeds of vehicles, Pocket Radar has you covered. Athletes will get the most use out of Smartcoach. So this isn’t your standard radar detector, but it will improve your game so that maybe you win the season.

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