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Slingbox Now Compatible with WD TV Media Players

For as long as we can remember, you needed a DVR of some sort (Tivo, TimeWaner DVR, Dish Network, etc) if you wanted to take advantage of SlingMedia’s Slingbox.  You see, the Slingbox allows you to watch your recorded content from just about any where in the world, provided you’ve got another Slingbox on the receiving end, or if you’re running their Slingplayer application for iOS or Android.  Well, today Sling extended their hardware compatiblity list to now include WD TV Media Players.

If you’re not familiar with WD TV Media Players, they’re basically a set top box that allows you to stream content from a variety of sources, such as Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, MLB, Pandora, and more.  There are two versions: one with a 1TB drive and one without.  There are other caveats to each respective model, but either one should be compatible with the Slingplayer, which means you can now watch your saved movies, or streamed TV shows just about any where you have an Internet connection.

5 Comments to Slingbox Now Compatible with WD TV Media Players

  1. clew

    Is the slingplayer available for the WDTV Live Plus HD Media Player? The articles I’ve read have never been clear on this.

    • gadgetreview

      It works with the existing slingplayers. So to answer your question, yes.

      • Dublinlad

        Not seeing it as an option on my WD TV Live Plus menu and it says my firmware is up to date – how do you access it ?

        • Jmarska

          Live TV menu

          • Anonymous

            there is no tv live menu on the plus :-(

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