Slingbox’s New Hardware Makes Watching TV Anywhere Easy


Amid the hubbub surrounding the Supreme Court shutting down Aereo and arguments over the future of television, Slingbox has kept on putting out devices that let you watch your TV where you want to. And their latest devices will fill the gap you have now that Aereo’s gone, especially if you’re a sports fan or a heavy TV user.

Slingbox M1

For those unfamiliar, the Slingbox controls the signal you receive at home through cable boxes, satellite receivers, DVRs and the like and directs it to browsers and apps. Essentially, you can officially stream TV anywhere you want, thanks to a few legal fictions.

First up is the just out M1, at $150. Truthfully, the M1 is pretty stripped down and missing one or two crucial features; for example, you can’t just hook this up to an OTA antenna and start streaming TV to your iPad, which is kind of annoying. Similarly, due to copyright, no HMDI port is available. But it’s tiny and it’s built to be discreet, ideal for sports fans who want to stream the game.


Essentially, the Sling TV is an upgrade to the Slingbox 500. The hardware is completely the same, but the software has been upgraded to bring a full smart TV experience to the Slingbox. Essentially this makes the Slingbox 500 the smart box for your living room, although it does also mean that you can configure and control the box directly through your TV, which is a smart design choice.

Useful For The Few


The simple fact of the matter is that if you’re a cord-cutter, Sling isn’t aiming for you. Sling is looking for TV power users, like people who need to get the game no matter where they happen to be. So mostly it’s for the hardcore TV watcher, but hey, for $150 to $300 it’s hard to argue.

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