Sling TV Comes With A Free Fire Stick To Try It Out

Sling TV is a fairly fascinating service, that essentially boils down cable TV streaming over your devices. But, of course, not everybody has the tools to stream it. So, Dish, wanting more customers for its service, has decided to front anybody who signs up a free device to stream it.

Sticks Of Fire

Essentially, if you sign up for three months of Sling TV, you’ll get either a coupon for $50 off an Amazon Fire TV or a Fire Stick. That, in of itself, is actually a fairly impressive deal: The Amazon Fire Stick is $40 from the site, and $50 off a Fire TV means you can land it for $50.

Both of them are fairly good for their streaming video purposes, but Sling TV in particular is interesting for the channels you get live. Food Network, HGTV, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and ESPN are all part of the package, and they’re streaming live. So basically it’s like cable, but cheaper, and through a streaming tool.

Channeling Fire

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It’s actually a smart move on the part of Dish, as likely a lot of people who want to keep ESPN but also want to cut their cable will be looking at streaming services for the first time. That said, $20 a month for what amounts to cable is perhaps not the most appealing option for everyone, even if Sling just cut a deal with AMC Networks to add its entire lineup, including BBC America, IFC TV and WeTV, to the core package. So you might want to look at that, first. But, if you’re sick of cable? It might be the best option.

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