SlimFold Minimalist Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
94 Expert Rating

If the term Best Cool Wallets is synonymous with the term Best Vegan Wallets, then the SlimFold Minimalist Wallet is probably the right choice for you. It can hold up to 10 cards, which is more than enough for everyday use and can fit upwards of 10 bills too.

Why We Like It – SlimFold Minimalist Wallet Review

The SlimFold Minimalist Wallet is about as slim of a wallet as you’re going to get while still maintaining half-decent carrying capacity. The soft-shell construction is a welcome design choice too thanks to its incredible scratch-proof and waterproof features, making keeping the wallet clean easier.

  • Variety of Stitching Colors
  • Can Hold Up to 10 Cards
  • Fits 10+ Bills
  • Not A Lot of Regular Colors
  • Hard to Close After Six Cards


The SlimFold Wallet features a wide array of stitching colors, which is actually pretty cool but is a little light on the actual color of the wallet. If you’re looking for something with color variety, check out the Herschel Charlie. The SlimFold Slim Wallet sports an incredibly sleek aesthetic and should have no problem fitting in either your back pocket or front pocket. If you fancy a water resistant wallet made from a DTEX material and Includes a 5-function MT01 multi tool, check The Dango Pioneer Wallet.


The SlimFold Micro Soft Shell Wallet is, unsurprisingly, made from soft shell material which is waterproof and scratch-proof. You won’t have to worry about dropping and damaging it will also be easy to clean because the water will just slide off. If you err more on the side of hemp construction, consider the Hempmania Hemp Eight Compartment Tri-fold Wallet.


The SlimFold Bi Fold Wallet offers what’s called an RFID option. If you would like it you can get one with RFID, but you can also choose to opt out. It’s a good technology, and it’s quickly becoming the norm for wallets, so it may be beneficial for you to hop on that train now. You can also check out the Kinzd Wallet for another example of a wallet that has it.


Despite its small size, the wallet offers card slots that should be able to accommodate up to 10 credit cards. It can also hold about 10 bills too, but you can push that number a little further if you try. Perfect for everyday carry, you won’t be disappointed unless you need to be handing out or accepting more than 10 business cards per day.


One final note on the capacity. Although the wallet can fit a healthy number of cards, it does become slightly difficult to close past six, so keep on the lookout for that. Other than that, the wallet holds a respectable 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon based on a plentiful 1,350 reviews, so that’s always nice to see.

SlimFold Minimalist Wallet Wrap Up

The SlimFold Minimalist Wallet offers a good number of features and can easily be anyone’s wallet of choice. The RFID-Blocking Technology is a welcome addition, and the 10 cards should be more than enough, for any person, to get by a day without hassle.

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