Sleepsense Wants To Help You Get Better Rest

Sleep is something we all need, but increasingly we don’t get enough of. Whether it’s too much work, too much coffee, too many social engagements, or, you know, something actually medically wrong with you, we’re not getting as much sleep as we need. Needless to say, technology can come to the rescue on this one, in the form of Samsung’s Sleepsense.

Sleeping Tiger

As you might have guessed, this is a phone accessory; you put the sensor under your mattress, it pairs with your phone, and you hit the sack. While you sleep, it detects your movement, your heart and respiratory rates, your time in the various phases of sleep, and the number of times you got out of bed. It compiles all that into a “sleep score,” which sounds like something that would keep you up at night.

Anyway, as you gather data, you can take it to a doctor, or use the app to guide you into better sleeping habits, like not slamming coffees at 8pm or other, more boring tips about diet, nutrition, and exercise. Samsung would prefer you use their tips, which seems just a little suspect, but at least they got a doctor involved.

Sleep Tight


In truth, the fad of fitness quantification is too often treated as a silver bullet; if you’ve got a genuine sleep problem, you probably need to visit a professional about it. But if you’re obsessed with collecting every bit of data about your health, and you want your sleep score to keep you up at night, this will be a good option for just that.

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