Sleep Shepherd Hat Will Guide Your Brain To Sleep

There are all sort of sleep gadgets on the market today – from beds to fitness trackers that give you insight on your sleep patterns, alarms that wake you up at the perfect point in your sleep cycle and sound machines that are supposed to get you to sleep faster. Well the Sleep Shepherd hat is a new Kickstarter campaign that monitors your brainwaves and uses its biofeedback system to guide your brain to a sleep state. So you know how sometimes it’s hard to actually fall asleep even when you’re in laying down simply because your brain is too busy figuring out tomorrow’s schedule? well, the hat is supposed to calm down your brain so that you go to sleep faster.

It will guide you to sleep since it uses the natural workings of your brain’s auditory center as it induces a rhythmic sensation of side-to-side swaying. So when you put on the hat, you’ll hear a rhythmic pulse, which is actually your brain deciphering the difference in frequency between the two tones played into each of your ears. Once your brain has reached its sleep state, the hat will automatically stop sending out those pulses. But it will continue to monitor your brain throughout the night and turn back on when needed. Its creators plan to reveal the Sleep Shepherd at next year’s CES and are looking for capital to bring their creation to life. Pledge $115 or more to make that happen!

Sleep Sheperd

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