SkyGenius Clip Fan Review

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Updated July 12, 2022
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Battery-operated clip fans are pretty common nowadays, and most parents already have one or are looking for one. This is where the SkyGenius battery-operated clip fan comes in. Offering excellent build quality and step-less and intuitive speed controls, this highly functional fan is regarded by many as the best stroller fan and also the best travel fan to buy at this price.

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Why We Like It – SkyGenius Clip Fan

The SkyGenius Clip Fan is a fantastic battery-operated clip fan that doubles as a baby stroller fan and a personal fan. It has a lot of features packed in that you usually see on higher-priced portable mini fans.

  • Incredibly sturdy build
  • Grills are small to prevent children from putting their fingers in
  • Non-slip mat padded clip
  • The paint finish chips off pretty easily

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Fitted with a decent motor and a pretty good fan, somewhat like the VersionTECH fan, the SkyGenius battery-operated stroller fan performs just as well as the other battery-operated clip fans or a neck fan at this price. And the step-less rotating slider is pretty good for fine-tuning the speed. The air quality is pretty good too. But it can’t beat the OPOLAR handheld fan in terms of battery life.


This is where the SkyGenius Clip Fan gets to flex its muscles. This rechargeable desk fan is incredibly durable; in fact, it’s probably the most durable mini fan below $20. The fan clip and all the components inside are very durable too. Overall this USB rechargeable battery-operated clip fan should serve you flawlessly for a good couple of years. But if you really need a similar battery fan made out of plastic, get the HJIAN 5.

Noise/Sound Level

Once again, it’s just as quiet as some of its higher-priced counterparts because of its high-quality motor. It does become a bit audible at higher speeds, but it’s perfectly fine and not annoying whatsoever.

Versatility/Modern Features

The clip is pretty big, so you can use the SkyGenius Clip Fan as a handheld fan, too, just like a backup USB fan. And you can also use it in a home office as a mini desk fan. But the Amacool Tripod Stroller Fan still is the king in terms of being able to place or attach the fan anywhere.


The SkyGenius Clip Fan is a pretty great value for the money overall. All of its competitors come at higher price points. Below $20 with free shipping, it is the best portable fan you can get right now.

SkyGenius Clip Fan Wrap Up

The SkyGenius Clip Fan comes at an enticing price point, offering just as much if not more than its higher-priced counterparts. Overall, it’s an excellent little mini fan to buy if you don’t have the budget for a higher-priced fan.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image