Skydrop Sprinkler System Saves You Water And Money (video)

Did you know that you might be wasting money and water with your lawn’s sprinkler system? Bet you didn’t. Sure, they’re great if you live in hot and/or dry areas where there isn’t much rain, but most systems will actually still run even if you get occasional showers. Thus, costing you money and wasting water. To help conserve, the Skydrop sprinkler controller will take the guesswork out of your sprinkler system and set up a schedule based on current local weather conditions in your town. Thanks to its built-in WiFi system, it’ll sync up to a cloud service and adjust your sprinkler system so that it works only when it needs to.

Skydrop sprinkler system

Think of it as your lawn’s own meteorologist. It figures out how much moisture your lawn is losing each day and will then set watering times accordingly, taking into account local weather patterns so that your grass always has enough water it needs to stay green. Installation is easy and takes only minutes. Just mount it to a wall, slide valve wires into the push button connectors and then plug it in and your Skydrop controller is ready to setup. Once you set up your WiFi information, you can start using the system on your phone or tablet via its app, allowing you to water your lawn or change the system’s settings from anywhere. Currently there’s a waiting list for the sprinkler control system for $299.

sky drop

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