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Skybar’s Wine Preservation System Is A Wine Enthusiast’s Dream

sky bar wine preservation system

If you love wine then you’ve probably dropped some major cash on your favorite bottles. And to make sure that those expensive bottles of your favorite wine preserve well after you’ve opened them, it’s probably a good idea to get Skybar’s Wine Preservation System that not only preserves its fresh taste, but also chills it and pours it – all in one system that will look great on any bar since it has three back-lit chill chambers that real catch the eye.

Skybar wine preservation system

It features three different wine chambers so that you can always have your favorite ones out on display for you and your guests to enjoy, while providing the perfect glass of vino every time you pour some since it chills the bottle at its ideal temperature to accentuate each varietal’s unique flavor profile. Thanks to its patented vacuum preservation technology, the system will keep each bottle of wine that you store in it at its optimal drinking point for 10 days. The Wine Preservation System can accommodate standard 750 mL. and 1.5 L wine bottles. Up your wine game by getting your own Wine Preservation System at the Fancy for $1,000, which is totally worth the cash if you’re splurging on $$$ wine.

Skybar wine preservation system

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