The Skully Helmet Mixes Good Ideas And Bad Ones

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Motorcycling is dangerous. Take a doctor to a bar and he’ll pretty consistently refer to a Harley or a Kawasaki as a donorcycle, since motorcycle accidents tend to be a major source of transplant organs. So anything that reduces the risk is good, while anything that increases it is high. The Skully Helmet somehow manages to mix the two.

The Good

Probably the centerpiece of the helmet, and probably one of the best safety features for a helmet aside from protecting your braincase, is the rear-view camera. Motorcycles, of course, have limited options for looking behind you, and the mirrors on either side often don’t give you a full view of the road. Combine this with the fact that most people can’t drive anyway, and having a rear-view camera is a great idea that can quite literally save lives. It’s projected in the helmet in the corner, so you can keep on top of what’s happening.

It’s also got a turn-by-turn GPS system, because really, while you’re there, you might as well put that in.

The Bad

That said, the Skully also includes a Bluetooth headset, which is a terrible idea. No, you cannot take phone calls while you drive. Distracted driving, which is what happens when you take a phone call, is responsible for far more accidents than drunks behind the wheel. Really, you shouldn’t even be listening to the radio. So, yeah, taking a call is a really bad idea while you’re on a device with more balance issues and far fewer safety features.

Still Worth Getting

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Of course, that doesn’t mean a Skully isn’t worth getting. Having a full view behind you is a valuable safety feature. You just might want to turn that Bluetooth off before hitting the road. If you want to try one out, currently the company is looking for beta testers, and the units themselves will arrive in 2014.

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  1. Obviously a review from a non motorcycle rider. First of all headsets have been a mainstay of riders for a long time and, unlike most “cagers” who don’t properly use their headsets if at all, allows for use of turn by turn navigation and communications(I do agree you cant have involved convos while riding, I use it for quick messages and I pull over if I need to actually “talk” but once again having a headset built into the helmet makes taking such calls ALOT easier with a helmet).

    Also no mentions on fit or how all that extra electronics affect the weight and balance on the helmet on you head, one of the most important things a rider looks for in a helmet. Next to safety.

  2. “…and the mirrors on either side often don’t give you a full view of the road…” Author, since when? I see you don’t ride.

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