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Intending to please all the bass lovers out there, the Skullcandy Crusher is potentially one of the best over-ear headphones you can get right now. It comes with a pretty well-balanced sound quality for the price and with its dual drivers, you get a wide range of sound as well as an adjustable haptic bass. Paired with its extremely long battery life and comfortable flexible design, the Skullcandy Crusher is a great headphone now available at a great price.

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Why We Like It – Skullcandy Crusher

Providing you with one of the best bass experiences the Skullcandy Crusher comes with dual drivers and an adjustable haptic bass level. If you’d rather have buds instead of over-ear headphones, take a look at our LG TONE platinum plus review. Packed into a comfortable and functional design with an insane battery life, it allows you to take your music with you wherever you go, and that too at a pretty affordable price. If you want headphones that go for style, check out our LSTN Cherry Wood Troubadours headphones review.

  • Refined and extremely good bass
  • Dual Drivers
  • Long battery life
  • No active noise-cancelling
  • Bass may become too much

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Apart from having the standard 40 mm driver, the Skullcandy Crusher also comes with a 34mm haptic driver for the bass. With the added slider on its side, you can easily adjust the bass to your needs, but we’d advise not taking it to the top as it can get too much even for bass lovers. And so, paired with a decent mid-range, which may become slightly muddy at high bass, and a refined high end the Skullcandy crusher provides you with one of the best sound qualities you can get in a headphone at this price range, and definitely better than that of the Mpow 059. With that said, it can’t quite beat out well-known brands like Sennheiser momentum wireless headphones and Sony MDR 1R premium headphones.

On the other hand, it doesn’t support active noise cancellation like the Cowin E7 wireless headphones, but with good ear cups, you get a good amount of passive noise isolation that makes your hearing experience much better. But, do keep in mind that there may be sound leaks at high volumes which may be an inconvenience for the people around you. If you’re looking for the best way to listen to music while you’re skateboarding, you might also be interested in our POC Skateboard helmet with Dr. Dre headphones review. You may also try our Tenqa Fit Bluetooth headphones review instead.


Moreover, supporting Bluetooth, unlike the Panasonic RP-HT161-K, the Skullcandy Crusher wireless headphones provide you with an insanely long battery life of up to 40 hours of music time. This combined with the fact that you can get up to 3 hours of playback time with just 10 minutes of charging through the micro USB cable, means you can constantly be on the go without having to worry about running out of juice. Further adding to that is the auxiliary cable that you can connect to use the headphones even when the battery runs out.

As for the functionality of the Bluetooth headphones, the Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones contain three buttons in total. While the volume up and down buttons can also be used to change tracks, the power button in the middle can also be used to receive calls and even use Siri or Google Assistant. The Nu Force air DAC uWireless system doesn’t work with assistant devices, but it does enhance your audio listening experience.

Furthermore, when it comes to taking calls, the mic on the headphones allows the person on the other side to clearly hear your voice while the speakers on the headphones deliver a clear and crisp voice. And finally, you also get a carrying bag with the Skullcandy Crusher which is both waterproof and also soft on the inside keeping your headphones safe at all times.


Memory leather padding covers the ear cup on the Skullcandy Crusher giving you a comfortable feeling even over long periods of time. And with thick metal bands on the sides with plastic to cover it, you get a solid build quality and even a great amount of flexibility. While the finish may be of plastic at some parts, it doesn’t actually look or feel cheap so you’ll get pretty a solid and elegant design. The buttons and the bass slider are also rightly positioned but may need some getting used to as the volume buttons are the same ones used to change the tracks by holding them down for 3 seconds.

Other than that, the Skullcandy Crusher also comes with a foldable design along with slight swivels on the earcups. This makes for a great amount of portability and adjustment respectively when using it.


Priced at around $94, the Skullcandy Crusher falls within the mid-tier lineup of headphones. And despite that, it offers a great sound quality with a powerful bass that rivals many of the more premium headphones out there. But, it may not be for everyone. For those, who do not really cherish a good bass, the Skullcandy Crusher headphones are definitely not for you as there are plenty of other more affordable headphones which offer better performance on the treble and better overall sound. As for the bass lovers out there, the Skullcandy Crusher is a headphone that you will love and one of the best headphones you can get at a great price.

Skullcandy Crusher Wrap Up

While it may not have active noise-cancelling or a very good amount of buttons, it provides you with a great bass-focused sound quality that rivals many flagship models out there. It even offers an impressive battery life and a great amount of adjustability with the bass. And so, paired with its dual-driver immersion technology and a comfortable yet solid design, the Skullcandy Crusher is definitely one of the best headphones out there for bass lovers.

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