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SIRGAWAIN Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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For those in the market for a tiny, compact spy camera to catch their family in a lie, need a nanny cam, or perhaps answer the question of who’s been stealing cookies from the cookie jar, and need the best spy camera for the job—the SIRGAWAIN Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera might persuade you with its high quality video recording without the need for Wi Fi.

Why We Like It – SIRGAWAIN Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera Review

The SIRGAWAIN Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera packs all the necessary traits a spy camera needs: compact design, HD video recording, and night vision.

  • Full HD 1080p video quality
  • Camera comes with night vision
  • Can snap 12MP images
  • It clearly looks like a camera
  • Abysmal battery life


Video clarity is top priority if you need to catch someone. When there’s enough detail, you can be certain it’s your target. That’s where the SIRGAWAIN Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera is strongest, thanks to its video resolution of 1080p and 12MP images. It also helps the camera can capture a wide angle—150 degree wide angles, to be specific. And just in case you also need an anti-spy gadget to protect yourself, take a look at our SpyFinder Pro hidden camera detector review.

The camera also comes with night vision, thanks to 6 IR LEDs. It’s clear and crisp, but when you aren’t using it, make sure there’s enough light to capture video, and that includes loop recording. However, the SIRGAWAIN Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera’s first stumble is its battery life: it’s only 60 minutes. Thankfully, it is rechargeable.


Where the SIRGAWAIN Hidden Spy Camera stumbles again is in the design. Unlike other spy cameras such as DivineEagle’s Hidden Charger Spy Camera and JRKQDY 1080p, their camera is built within the device, and hidden entirely from view. What’s strange is SIRGAWAIN knows how to design hidden cameras; their spy camera pen is a perfect example.

With that said, it’s a rather small mini camera. SIRGAWAIN even managed to fit a micro SD card slot within its tiny dimensions. If you can find a good hiding spot, you might be able to get away with it. But if someone finds it, they’ll immediately know it’s a camera. A more functional camera that is easy to use is one that is hidden in a device that looks like a remote car starter. For more details, read our Swann remotecam video camera and recorder dvr 410 review.


The value of the SIRGAWAIN Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera is in a weird place. On one hand, it has high quality video recording, motion detection, and night vision. That gives it the impression it can be used as a home security camera. For that, a better alternative would be the Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock.

Instead, its value is rooted in intentions. What do you plan on doing with it? Ensuring the new babysitter is good to your kids? This will definitely answer your question. Catching the thief who broke into your home? It could if you hide it well enough and give it a continuous stream of power. It’s night vision would be great for that.

SIRGAWAIN Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera Review Wrap Up

The SIRGAWAIN Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera will do its job well in the right circumstances, thanks to its 1080p video capture, 12MP images, and night vision. While its design isn’t discreet in the slightest, it is small. Its battery can be overlooked should you keep it connected to a power supply of some kind.

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