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Sigtuna Folding Hardened-Steel Bike Lock Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Sigtuna is well known for offering a wide range of high quality bike locks that have different locking mechanisms to appeal to the taste of every type of cyclist whether you live in New York or New Delhi. Their foldable hardened steel bike lock goes head-to-head with the likes of the Abus Granit X Plus 540, and has a compact design which is quite different from the more traditional U lock or chain lock. The Sigtuna folding lock is made out of 5 mm steel bars that extend to a length of 60 cm, which is long enough to secure even two bikes if you set it up well. If you want to see another useful bike accessory, you can also read our review of the Topeak Mini Rocket LED iGlow pump. It has a sturdy steel construction that offers high security in that it would give any bike thief a very hard time to try to break. The bicycle lock also features an anti-scratch coating to keep it looking good, and comes with a mounting bracket that keeps it in place when you’re riding. Could it be the best bike lock for you? Read on to find out.

Why We Like It – Sigtuna Folding Hardened-steel Bike Lock

For cyclists searching for the best bike locks that effectively secure against theft protection, the Sigtuna Folding bike lock stands tall over many others to be the best lock for its price. It doesn’t come with a lock cable, but it’ll still keep your best bike secure in a way that many other locks won’t be able to. If you prefer a U lock, then perhaps you should consider the Sigtuna Bike Locks Heavy-Duty U Lock which has an anti-picking locking mechanism.

  • Tumbler Deadbolt Folding Mechanism
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Quite heavy


The Sigtuna folding lock may not be as bendable as your typical cable lock, but it does have a locking mechanism that’s strong enough to beat even the experienced lock picker. Bolt cutters stand no chance against its heavy duty ABS steel frame, and despite the lack of a combination lock, the three keys that you get with it offer enough anti theft protection to keep your bike safe. Setting up the folding bike lock is quite easy. All you have to do is loop it through your bike frame and your front or rear wheel spikes, and that’ll be enough to scare bike thieves away. And if by chance you’re interested in trike drifting, take a look at our review of the 5 things worth knowing about the Verrado drifting trike.


If you’re used to U locks like the Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock or the Via Velo Bike U Lock, you might enjoy the extra flexibility that the Sigtuna lock comes with. It’s packaging doesn’t include a dust cover, but you do get a frame mount as well as the bike lock itself. It comes colored in black and yellow, and is a bit larger than both the New York Faghettabpoudit and the Kryptonite Evolution when extended to full size. Anyone who’s never really opted for folding locks may even consider that them to be less secure than cable locks/chain locks or combination locks since they don’t come with a steel chain, but there’s really no need even for a steel shackle if you know how to properly use the Sigtuna lock to lock around your bike’s frame.


One benefit of buying a folding bike lock that comes with a 100% money back guarantee is that you can always take it back in case you’re not impressed in any way. This is almost as good as the lifetime warranty that you get with the Kryptonite New York Faghettaboudit U Lock, and assures you that its secure lock is of very high quality. Compared to alternatives such as the Fahgettaboudit chain, the Sportneer 5-Digit Combination Chain Cable Bike Lock or the Abus Granit X Plus 540, it is a far more solid option that won’t give any wiggle room for a thief to figure out how to release your bike. This is one of the things that make it the best bike lock you could find in the market today.

Sigtuna Folding Hardened-steel Bike Lock Wrap Up

Once you have the Sigtuna bike lock holding your bike firmly in place, a thief would have to resort to more extreme measures like using an angle grinder to break it free, and even at that point, it would still involve a lot of struggle. This is why the getting Sigtuna folding lock remains one of the best measures you could take if you want to have one of the best locks available.

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