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Sigma’s Rear Brake Light Makes Installing It Simple

Cycling is a great hobby, but it’s one that has its share of safety concerns. Among them, of course, is being visible at night, and a brake light can be incredibly handy. But a proper brake light is hard to install, and almost always requires a shop visit. Or rather, it did, thanks to Sigma’s easy to install light.

Six Sigma

Sigma’s brake light is simplicity itself to install. Just attach the clip to the brake cable at the barrel adjustment screw, give the hex screw a few turns so the light is secure, and you’ve got a brake light. How does it work? Pressure, essentially. The light is a big switch, and when properly installed, hitting the brakes will push down the switch, immediately lighting it up. It’s a tiny light, and this may sound relatively minor, but brake lights are popular for a reason. The rear brake light in your windshield that comes standard in cars these days? It reduced accidents by 8% the year it became commonplace. Considering that the majority of fatal cycling accidents involve getting rear-ended, and a brake light starts to look like a good idea.

Sigma Signal

Granted, a brake light is no replacement for a helmet, and you still need all the toys, like reflectors and a front light. But if you bike at night, safety has to come first, and this will keep you from getting run over.

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