Sideclick: The Necessary Add-on To Your Streaming Remote

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One of the biggest problems I have with my Roku 3 is that I need two remotes to use it — one to, of course, turn on the Roku 3, and another to turn on my TV and control the volume. As I sit at my desk right now, I have no idea where my TV remote actually is (and believe it or not, I’m not making that up). Introducing Sideclick, a companion universal remote that snaps directly onto your streaming device’s remote to control your TV, sound and streaming device all with one hand. Now, you won’t need to know where the TV remote is! Hurray for the best smart remotes.

The Sideclick works with the four most popular streaming devices: the Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Sideclick uses infrared learning technology to program each button on the remote, meaning any device using IR technology can be programmed as a button on Sideclick. So, you’re able to set the power button to your TV and set the volume buttons to use your sound system. Each Sideclick model takes 2 AAA batteries (which you can just take from your old TV remote because you’ll no longer be needing it).

The Sideclick is currently being funded on Kickstarter and are at $56, 293 for their $150k goal with 33 days remaining. Early Bird backers can get the Sideclick at an early introductory price right now for $25 via the campaign. According to the timeline they’ve provided, they’re planning to begin shipping to early bird backers in October. To me, picking up a Sideclick sounds like a no-brainer — anything to reduce the number of remotes in my life.

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