Shueriu Folding Bike Review

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Updated February 23, 2023
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What bike do you have as the best electric bike? For you to rethink your answer, you need to try a number of bikes. For instance, take a Shueriu Folding Bike with you on your next mountain run, and you’ll understand why it makes a solid argument as one of the best folding electric bikes. The first thing you’ll notice is how well it grips the mountain, while your feet grip the fold pedals. And you’ll feel that superior grip for 31 miles of mountain.

Why We Like It – Shueriu Folding Bike

Fitted with fold pedals for better grip, 21-speed Shimano gears, and long battery life, the Shueriu Folding Bike is built for mountain climbing for long periods of time. What if you want a minimalist e-bike? Click the SDU folding electric bike review.

  • 21-speed Shimano gearing
  • Travel 31 miles on a single charge
  • Fold pedal offers a better grip
  • Designed for mountain bikers
  • LED light is on the smaller size

Durability & Build Quality

The Shueriu Folding E-Bike shows off its strength in the mountains with its lightweight yet incredibly strong carbon steel frame. Hidden between a few joints are equally strong locks that, if unlocked, will fold the bike for easier transportation. If you want to discover a bike that is built by riders for riders, read the Specialized mountain bike review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

For what you pay, the Shueriu Folding Bike is pushing good speeds. At most, you can max out at 19mph. More importantly, like the NCM Prague mountain ebike, its 21-speed Shimano gear offers unprecedented speed choices. That’s just behind the Speedrid Ebike, which maxes out at 22mph.

Range & Battery

Above all, the Shueriu Folding Bike excels at providing a long battery life. If you use Assisted Mode (you do some of the work), you’ll get an easy 31 miles. If you switch over to E-Bike Mode (the bike does all the work), it lowers the battery life to 19 miles. In other words: 1 to 2 hours of battery life.

Safety Features

The Shueriu Folding Bike comes with the most basic of safety features. To prevent the bike from folding on you mid-ride, strong locks are put in place. You also get a horn and light, though the light is a bit small. Lastly, the pedals are fold pedals, which offer great grippage when riding.


Asking for $720 seems like just a bit much when you consider the fact that you aren’t getting free delivery. However, when compared to the eAhora X7’s $1500 price tag, an e-bike that isn’t designed for mountain climbing—the Shueriu Folding Bike, is cheap by comparison. On a side note: the Shueriu Folding Bike is better designed for mountain bikers. It can be used for a leisurely stroll through the park, but that feels better suited for the comfortable NAKTOO Folding Electric Bike.

Shueriu Folding Bike Wrap Up

Mountain climbing is the sole purpose of the Shueriu Folding Bike; fun and casual riding come second. This is seen perfectly with its fold pedals, which can be felt for the entire 31 miles you can get on a single charge. And with 21-speed Shimano gear, picking the speed that feels comfortable is heaven to a mountain biker.