Hunting season is coming up and that means you’re probably getting all your gear together for upcoming trips with your buddies. Besides your shotgun or rifle, you should definitely add a pair of ShotgGlass shooting glasses to your list of must-have items. TrackingPoint teamed up with Recon to bring the first digital hunting and shooting glasses that will take any hunting excursion to new heights.

Connects To Your Rifle

These revolutionary digital shooting glasses will connect wirelessly to your TrackingPoint rifle to help you on your hunt. You’ll be provided a precison-guided hunting and shooting experience so that you won’t miss your target. You’ll be able to shoot from protected positions behind trees or around corners when you need to remain hidden from your target so that you can get the right shot even when you’re trying to hide. So when you zoom in on a target with your rifle, the view in ShotGlass remains zoomed out so you get two unique fields of view on the same shot.


Video and Voice Recording


You can record everything you see and say with ShotGlass – all without having to clamp a camera on your hat. And since the videos can be downloaded directly to your smartphone or tablet, you can easily share your hunting adventures with friends and family on your favorite social media network. You’ll also be able to use footage to help you improve on your shooting capabilities for your next trip.

Collaborative Shooting

You can have someone else wear ShotGlass while you are shooting so that they can see exactly what you see. This is great for when you’re teaching someone how to shoot or just want to include your pal in on the shot.



ShotGlass features a widescreen WQVGA display with images appearing as if on a 30″ HD display. It also is powered by an Android Operating system and has optical control button so that you can easily control it with bulky hunting gloves on. There’s a power-saving sleep mode to save battery. ShotGlass goes for $995 and has a money back guarantee so you can easily return it if your’e not fully satisfied with it.

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