Shot Flask: a Flask with a Built-in Shot Glass (video)

Are you looking for the best flask? Sharing a drink from a flask requires handing over your jug of booze.  That in mind, it’s impossible to limit your fellow drinker’s intake, which in turn might leave you on half empty – no good if you’re at a concert or have a penchant for nursing a sip here and there throughout the day.


Enter the ingenious Shot Flask.  This 8oz flask appears to be your traditional booze carrier, but it’s actually much more, sort of. Embedded into one side of the flask is a collapsible, 2oz metal shot glass.  The shot glass’ design is reminiscent of that of a Boy Scout’s kit, minus the water and add the liquor (of course).  We’re not gonna go on record and say that it will be spill free, especially if the metal undergoes some warping, but since shots are more about shooting and less about sipping it should be a moot issue.    When you’re done slurping down your favorite libation, you can simply fold the cup into its most compact form and then stow it away in the side of the Shot Flask.

They Shot Flask is available now for $25 with free shipping.

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