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Shirt Shuttle (video)

The Shirt Shuttle may only carry one shirt, but frankly, that’s all we need.  Okay, so it’s no destined to end up in your suitcase, unless of course you have one shirt that you absolutely adore, but the Shirt Shuttle is ideal for anyone running around town and doesn’t have time to travel home and change before their next business meeting.


At a glance the Shirt Shuttle’s offering is pretty straight forward; it keeps one shirt wrinkle free no matter how you toss it in a bag.  But what you probably didn’t know is that they’ve included a folding board that uses specially curved edges to help the shirt remain crease free and features a built-in hanger for when you arrive at your dressing room.  There is also some sort of pad system on the inside to prevent lines from forming in your dress shirt.  All this fits neatly inside an ergonomic water resistant, semi-hard shell.

You can buy the Shirt Shuttle for about $45.

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